This afternoon I took my student out to do some boxing, Billy the green monkey came to watch and my toddler went with him. The monkey tolerates him quite well, my son follows him and tries to climb the tree behind him. The monkey starts walking towards the undergrowth of the forest, my son goes behind him, by the time I realize he is already inside (lately he is a bit of a spelunker, he likes to crawl under the beds chasing the cat or some ball), there are vines with spikes, he is entangled and can not get out, he starts screaming, I go, and every time I try to unhook him (there stuck in the fucking undergrowth) the damn monkey attacks me. My toddler screams, I get closer, the monkey jumps in my face with his mouth open. I shoo the monkey away with sticks, pull my son out, both scratched from top to bottom, and the monkey chasing us. Fucking Billy.

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